Middle Years

The small sculptures had begun to feel repetitive after about a hundred works or so, and seemed to have run their course. By the mid-late 90’s the paintings took on a more naturalistic imagery whose subjects mingled animals in landscapes (below left: Swirl, 2000, o/c 72”x84”; below right: A Magpie, 2004 o/c, 12”x 16”). These new paintings seemed to encourage a storyline, but were really nothing more than what you invested them with. By 2005 the animal references were abandoned, and I began the large dramatic landscapes I call the Natural Phenomena paintings.  Straight forward and earnest, these paintings depict what I knew, or thought I knew, about grand mechanisms and invisible forces, and luxuriate in my love of the painted surface.

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his
own nature into his pictures…”  Paul Gauguin